Friday, January 6, 2012

I've been tagged.

السلام عليكم

I've been tagged by Ilham Nadia ?  but. .  I don't have much time to obey the rules and regulations, create a sample of questions ( sometimes, to set a question is way harder than to answer it, isn't ? ), or even to choose another 11 person as I don't make one, the questions. Well, rules is made to be broken by the way. Jangan marah-marah yea Cik Nadia :P

It won't be a problem to answer it ALL HONESTLY ( just in the last point of the 'black-list' ) 

Sit back and enjoy reading ;

My ( Ilham Nadia ) questions : 

1. How would you describe yourself?

I'm a lover who love my girlfriend so damn much. Although, we are approaching a year relationship this February, but we've been together, thru different scenes of life like there's nothing can tear us apart ! There goes my loyalty. Anyway, the way you express yourself caught my attention dear, Lebiu Nikon ! ;3

Okay, stick 'strictly' to the question ; I am Nikon. I'm interested to shot nature landscape, I am Yonex ( hard-hitter :P ) and I'm newbie that's just getting started with cycling - I have a bike, Oscar ( I miss my GT bike ). I read to relax, optimistic, determined and easy to get going - once you step in the friend-zone. I have time to waste but not on the internet, so I discover new things, visit few places, learn few and free source around me ( e.g : language, sports, and accent too - I love Scottish accent at most ! ), Hey, I do cook for living here in Nottingham ! 


2. Someone or something you miss the most from your childhood. Why?

Amar Kamaruzzaman. How well we are ? He's the only one that knows the meaning of letter D from my nickname, D-SIM and he's good to shut his mouth. So don't ever think to burst him up :D

3. If you can ask for 3 wishes, what are they?

Can you narrow down the question ? For me, it's too general for a fact-writer. Okay, I was. Frankly, I don't know on what to say here. Just. . let me imagine, me, myself, exhausted,tired, stranded at the desert with the Jin came out of the teapot that I just rubbed. That hollow figure asked me for 3 wishes, I simply say it loud ;

Hahaha, Just kidding.

I want everything, so here's the top priority right now :

  • I wanna learn piano someday.. I guess soon enough :) 
  • I wish for a mouthful dishes everyday made by my wife in future, eat is my profession.
  • It doesn't matter where I live in future, but I want my parent to stay close to me - under one roof. My day gonna be fine when they are around.

4. Places that you want to visit.

Mecca at most to perform both Hajj and umrah !
Gateway trip on one of the Maldives island,
Skiing at Swiss,
Milan, shopping perhaps ?
Holland for tulip orchard, and . . .

5. What is the main reason for you to blog?

To know you I guess ? Haha  Blog like a boss dude, what else ?!

6. Are you in love with someone?

Yes. A japanese girl named : Nikon. Love you babe <3

7. When is the happiest moment you ever had?

We should treat Triumph and Disaster the same right ? I've no exact comment for this question but I feel like at the top of the world upon seeing my mom cried in front of me, because of me, twice. I hope, she'll do it again on my graduation day :)

#Treat her the same way she treat us. She never asks, but deep inside, who knows ? All I ever wanted in my life, is her tears of joy just because of me.

8. Yourself in the future.

A gentleman with responsibilities.

9. Describe your dream house.

A house with an infinity pool, on the top of the hill where I can do star gazing, and amaze the skyscrapers from a distance. I will enjoy a cup of hot tea' at the veranda and feel poor to the city that never sleeps. 

10. What is your first impression about me?

A girl who loves fashion . Am I right ?

11.How do you feel being tagged in these randomly asked questions?

It's more or less like talking to the mirror, talking about yourself to others yet knowing and remind back youself by the question given. Somehow, it takes some time, just to think of who we are, what we are up for, recall back our past, what we've learn from it, our target in future and how to achieve it, who's along with us thru our bad and good times, making a sweet pleasant living of present. It feels great to think of it at a time !

That's all from me :)

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  1. Sorry, baru berkesempatan nak membaca blog. Being an IB student, my current life is quite hectic.

    Thanks for answering, haha, nice answers dude. And for the three wishes, I also thought about wanting more wishes. Hew hew.

    And, a girl who loves fashion, I'm not so into that, but I do love wedges rather than flat shoes.