Saturday, July 17, 2010

CW : Death.

Weyh! Tlg aq??? Aq dpat task CW: Death. tp xtaw nk abeskan arr.. Klo soklan fakta aq rety arr jwab,tp nk dlam narrative laa,tlg yeaaaaaaa... Aq takat setup starting jea.the rest,terbengkalai =p Erm,commonly characters COD yg aq ske.. cume nk kasik gempak sket.

Pvt.Miller,death. Kill in action (K.I.A) in Russia,probably by Mukhrov's dirty hands.

" We found a dead body at an isolated place near Moscow,fully equipped with common CIA members in mission given by Secret Department under Pentagon supreme council. Yet,we cannot identify the corpse based on face recognition and physically since he was shot violently with a big cabber gun.But,we discovered this,"

Lt.Stephern, veteran with 30 years experiences in many scenes, special case, battlefield, even had join A.M.F with elite trained as navy - hand-over a glimmering silver metal with chains to me. It is a necklace,written Pvt.Roger Miller Hickam on it besides some blood spots..May you rest in peace Miller...

Border of Serbia-Russia,North Serbia
" We have been compromised. Soap,set down your MP4i-5.1mm gun behind the pine 45' West you. Ghost,use your Magnum-6 parker between two rocks near you. Get low,or your head will be blown,"asserts Cpt.Price.
" Ghost,activate your heat radar as well. You will be fine with it,"Cpt.Mactarvish,Soap remind me through ear-piece radio.
" Get ready for the battle. Wait for my signal. Ghost,show me the best of you,we'll count on you,"Cpt.Price,again.

After positioning myself at the designated point with a perfect angle for good sight of sniping, I am ready for the battle. Snow my disturb my luck,yet death is always awaits those of us wearing this uniform as an army. It is like dicing with our one and only soul. War seems to be so cold,as no win-win situation will be,either wining or losing. Death,it will come.

" Beep! Beep! "

Number of green spots on florescent screen of heat radar increased dramatically. These useful tool can detect any approaching human by the heat they released even at this coldness of below O' Celcius,here at Alps. Heat radar can cover up 50 meters of 360', which is good for us to stay in defensive perimeter of three men.

Mukhrov. Most wanted terrorist around the world. M16 in Britain, Interpool Police and Pentagon want him,dead or alive. He was derailed train,main transport system in India in 1993. Death toll: 230456. In 2001, he had planted 200 C4 at Nevadas' International Airport,Soutg United States. Thousands were killed. 92 percent of the airport kissed the Earth. Damage worth about 100 billion dolar. Again,last two years ago,he wounded Abrahamic Arsvinsc-10th Presiden of Russia- when the prime minister commemorate the nationals' day. Mukhrov is a Russian. He is a traitor. We had had a best person to hunt him down,Pvt.Miller. Since he 'failed' Cpt.Price,Cpt.Mactarvish and me were given 543 Top Secret File,the same file received by Pvt.Miller. It is the main reason why we are here,at the hilly Alps-to revenge and solve this out. Nice and silence even playing with Russian Roulette.

As we are stepping towards the illegal base hindered by rocky cave,we have been compromised by the barking dog. Maybe,it found and sensed our chemical sweat in dry and cold air asides our footprint trailing.

Ha,aq da stuck kt sini... bgi aq framework pun xpe,jnji ley aq abeskan~