Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'll answer anything.


At the moment, I'm bored to death with calculus, and I'm getting sick of it. But I love it at the same time, especially when I manage to get 'clean sheet' of the solutions of my own ! Oh, I don't know, maybe this is the effect of facing it for almost A WEEK and still ongoing. Duhh, I've got another 3 subjects to work out and less than a week left before the exam ! Nevertheless, while my hands get dirty by the lead ( you know this problem better if you are left-handed ), the word buttermilk Rotiboy plays in my head. A man's fist cannot be stopped by any chance unless, fulfill it so, let's hang out at Mid Valley tomorrow ? I'll treat you the same kind of my choice later :P ( sudden friend-zone which is clearly not my kind, this is a sign of the unconscious mind. I need a rest ! #.# )

Yeah, I was about to AFK for the entire month or up to the whole year 2012 ( I'm damn serious ) after the last entry and I don't have any reason to support this kind of feeling. Am I lost ? In fact, lately, I love to hear sentimental or love song to be precise instead of my favorite genre - Pop-Rock. Okay, that's a clear sign - such a loner :S But, have you heard a beautiful yet meaning full quote regarding these terms - Lonely ?

Loneliness is better than bad company.

-Shaykh Abdul Qadir Jilani Radi Allahu Ta'ala Anhu 

And yeah, I have a few problems with the people around me, here in Nottingham. I don't know what's their problem or what's they are up for, or maybe it's just me ? Yet, hablun minallah dan hablun minannas. No good for suu'dzon, husnu'dzon is the best action. Poor to my blog then, be as my release-tension medium. Before I end and back to desk pour some  love to calculus, here's something, some questions that I found, which may. . help me to release tension ( hopefully. Let me laugh please ! ), and enjoy the reading !

 I'll answer anything ( that's the tittle btw ) :

1. What was the first thing you did in 2012 ?

Erm, leverage Season 1 Episode 10 ?

2. Do you think we will really die this year ?

Stupid question. I believe this question came from the 2012 movie.
Why do you need to fear death if you know will comes at any stage of life at ANYTIME ? 
Fear Allah instead.

3. What was the best thing that happend to you in 2011 ?

SPM 10A ! ( 7A+ 3A )

4. What was the worst ?

. . . bon voyage Toulouse. 
I cried like hell you know.

5. How many people did you kiss in 2011 ?

One, my mom on the morning Eid eve.

6. What do you want to happen this year ?

I wanna perform umrah !

7. What are your 2012 goals ?

I don't simply have annual goal.I prefer to have a series of goals to achieve a big fish as the haul. Refer this link to see what's my main target in life : 

8. Tell us something that we might find surprising about your 2011 ?

Family custom. 
Okay, if in year 2009 my brother was sent to the tahfiz institution, 
so does my sister as in this year, 2012,
in 2011,
I find myself working at the hotel 
for the whole 3 months before the SPM result was announced ! 
I skipped the custom :P 
Yet, my main reason was my own health problem -.-'

9. What do you want to happen this year that didn't happen last year ?

I wish, I could fully attend the lecturer and tutorial classes without any excuse !

10. Have you made any new friends yet this year ?

Some Nottingham seniors here~

11. Is there any body modifications planned for this year ?

Yes, my left-knee. 
Maybe a simple surgery is needed to fix it.

12. What was the first thing you bought in 2012 ?

Is Gardenia bread will be the acceptable answer ? Haha

13. What did you hate about 2012 ?

I'm getting younger. . but I wander on why my age number keep increasing ! :/

Sub-topic : Personal

14. What is you name, age and location ?

Hi ! I'm Mr.D-SIM, 19 years old and my current location is Notts B)

15. What is you hair colour ?


16. What is your eye colour ?


17. What is your heritage ?

Malay-Jawa, more to Malay 

18. Are you single this year ?

Any single ladies here ? 
I'm looking one for my future,
or maybe up to four :P

19. Do you want to be in a relationship this year ?

I prefer a marriage than a haram realationship.
So, if Allah allows me by HIS sign to nikah THIS YEAR, why not ? 

20. How many sibling do you have ?

3 including me~

21. Any children of you own ?

I will say no for the past and present plus I don't have a time-machine to look out this matter in future. Why don't we'll wait ? :)

Just before I am blogging this entry, to Ilham Nadia, sorry for for not replying your tag. I mean, not now. I'm kinda busy with these math things. And to my dear friends, I saw a number of new posts from your blog in my blog news feed. But, I couldn't find a perfect time to read all yours, a lot apology from me !
Wait ! Just before you leave, try to hear this new song :

Yes, a love song. So what ? -,-

P/s :

Don't take a serious view of this question ;

: Oh Aamir what have you learned ? ",

Concern more about this question ;

: " Oh Aamir, what have you done with what you have learned! "

I afraid the most if I'm speechless if the question is from Allah S.W.T on what I've learn from temporary life in duniah, what I've done in duniah, good deeds or bad deeds, and if that's my stance which reflect the answer... I'm out of word. I couldn't image it. 


  1. personal part make me laugh.=D

  2. lego house is awesome ! one of my favourite song :)

  3. @liza : which line ? O.o

    @shy : kan2 ? :D

  4. 18 and 19 lah... *peace!