Thursday, March 29, 2012

IBTG - Day 2 :)


Woohooo ! Langkawi is barely survive the game ! Main highlight, the accumulated points is almost 100 points difference with Redang's ! :O Yet, syukur alhamdulillah, we are able to compete them ( Redang's team ) again in 2nd runner up game tomorrow ! By the strategies that I have planned with Langkawi's captain, Nazirul, it seems that the tittle will be ours by 140% chance :P 

Okay, let's find the attachment given :

Big loss today -.-'

and. . .again.

Nevermind, today's game is much better than yesterday as we were encountered strong opponents ( UNMC Badminton Club representative you know ! ) that surely indicates on how strong we are compare to them. Obviously, we are not worth their time =/= Well, it will takes forever to compete with them if we don't start to make a move. Personally, I love the rally part, on where the tactics in double player game are applied, the chemistry among the players, overhead, backhand, sharp smash or even net play. The longest one we had today. .  about 20 seconds ?  20 seconds is real worth for a good rally ! I don't mind the score when I came across a good rally, rather than winning a game without getting sweat.

Cukup - cukup makan, Syukur syukur ! :P

Alright, that's all from IBTG - Day 2. InsyaAllah, I'll inform the news according to the latest update tomorrow. InsyaAllah, we'll bring the good news from our side ! :D

Guten Nacth :)

P/s : Thanks to all the supporters, thanks sebab datang tengok walaupun banyak kalah, huhu.

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