Thursday, September 16, 2010


I'm too damn tired. Okey,admit that. I'm not yet sleeping since noon, as i woke up from the bed and went out just few hours afterwards and pop-up at the door precisely an hour and half before midnight, Ouh, i've never do that before. But, it was fun! When me and Farid were downed by them - i shouldn't mention their names - and spent about..5 hours doing nothing? Pecai is our saviour, he brings hope and promises a great outing out of untangled evening. We were hanging around, window shopping, lied about our age for the awesome PIRANHA ticket , and err.. were "high" on the road.. ahhh, sounds charm, and he fulfilled, with us. Conclusion that i've made, the more the merrier isn't suitable ANYMORE. I'll try to suit my case in words..You see, if we brings a bunch of people to clean up the mess at..let see,where's the dirtiest place..okey,toilet.. not all of them doing their particular works, there's gonna be a man,or two refused. Another man, arguing " why on earth do i must involved in this job? " that somehow will demoralised the others. The fucking part is, when someone step-back,followed by the others. Toilet is leaved just like that. There might be an " angle ", still waiting the others to come back, hoping on the job can be done all-together and for sure he doesn't want to let the glucagon to be released if he had to handle it, alone. Urgh!!! I just wanna a great life.. can I ? :(

" trust nobody dear, u've Allah, and that's it. "
Thanks mom~


  1. ada hati nak wat "keje jahat" then tetiba ada saviour laa ape laa blablablaa
    nak kena report nii! :x

  2. it's part of my life.
    pnjg cie te sbnr ny,smpai end-up muncul pecai..mleh nk describe lbeh2, uat sket aty jer..haih =='

  3. ta payah cite dah. g tido kan lagi baguss

  4. taw xpe.

  5. thanks aunty. hehe. =D