Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Unfolded the scrap of dairy - Thorny chapter of life and how I overcome it.


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Music : Faizal Tahir - Hanyut

Saturday's night was great, the award of 10A's was the other thing, the most unforgeable night when we can share our glory, the greatest achievement so far when your love ones are around and friends, of course they do support us from the beginning of budak junior until we once know what to do and strive at Alam Shah Science School - flying colours results. Yes, everyday we were ( forced -,- ) to sing Lagu Sekolah. 

Marilah pelajar kita semua,
Menuntut ilmu amalan mulia,
Samalah kita usaha sampai berjaya,
Itulah harapan semua.
Kamilah penuntut yang setia,
Rajin usaha asas kita semua,
Bersatu kita teguh usaha bersama,
Majulah Sains Alam Shah.
Dengarlah dan ingatlah,
Pesanan semua,
Harapan ayah bonda,
Semoga berjaya.
Kamilah penuntut yang setia,
Rajin usaha asas kita semua,
Bersatu kita teguh usaha bersama,
Menuju cita semua.

Noticed the chorus one ? Dengarlah dan ingat, pesanan semua, harapan ayah bonda, SEMOGA BERJAYA. Yes, the chorus really touched me. Whenever my parents send me to the bus station, or pay a visit, they did leave me their hope to see me on the stage-just like that night. It does weights my back, to be honest. Yet, I've to obey them. Their responsibility is to give a chance for their children to get the right and the best education, and mine - make them happy and thank to them by showing my results in every exam I face. I was once got D in my EST & Maths in early form4. I simply described like WOOoooo O.o I've never touched D in my life,ever ! How will i tell my mother about this ????? Depression, felt left behind those brilliant friends, and I think I want to quit. SBP - Sekolah Budak Pandai doesn't fit me at all. It was like crawling in pain, walking on the broken glass to reflect my life there in reality. After almost,almost 2k my parent spent just to send me here, that's not a gooooddd option. By hook or by crook, I've to face the it by my own. It was difficult to suit myself in SBPian environment, the rules, and I found myself that my body, yes my body seems hard to tolerate with the hot-temp-climate -.- No wonder I severally fall sick and easy to get fever - that's how I met Koolfever, hahaha Scarification is another value I found there. I have to forget love, my room ( I do spend most of my time in my room ), learn to be hardworking and stick to the rules-strictly  as I know I can never get 10A's as easy as ABC. It's kind of relief to finish my secondary level education, seriously ! Hohohoho I learnt that in ASiS I was taught to be a leader, it's not all about the academic. The problems I faced was the basic thing before I get to know the real life situation, standing in the middle of crowd someday when everybody have an eyes on you, who knows. Btw, wish me luck for the Felda scholarship interview :)

That's me.


thanks ma, pa :')

P/s : Since childhood, I keep pray and pray, hoping from kindergarten until the last year of secondary school, I will present myself on the stage upon receive my academic prizes. Alhamdulillah, it was fulfilled, in every single year :') 


  1. hey,seyuman ibubapa yang paling best dlm entry ni.look,they was smiling on u=)