Thursday, September 1, 2011

1st Syawal 1432H

Mood : Early bird catches worms :D
Music : Suasana Hari Raya - Ziana&Anuar Zain

I don't know why the images isn't in chronological order. Nothing much to say, just some pictures with bubbly faces :)

That's opah Takim, she's the best cooker of nasi lemak, ever ! Damn, I never miss to visit her house since last 6years !!! Btw, she's well-known at Menora Vill for her nasi lemak ( fact : Her house is the 1st house to be visited every year after Eid prayer, murah rezeki :D )

I believed he ate a lot of kuih raya that cost excessive glucose in his bloodstream, no wonder he's gone hyper-acitve  that night. lol Gila-gila pun, he's the top student at his college ! Argh ! Jealous !

I love the Islamic way & practice of our family :D

Kinda tired last day as I slept only 4hours before the prayer, then I had to drive way back to kampung. heish. Frankly speaking, Ramadan this year means a lot to me compared to Eid. However, this is our winning day isnt ? :)

P/s : I need to improve my candid-photo-taking skills!


  1. Heyy . Pic yang first tuh LAWAAA :DD likelike.

  2. okay. maroon awk sama dengan maroon sy lagi satu =='