Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Let's give a shot.


I just finished my last test paper for this Sem 1, which means. . . . hooooooooolidays is coming ! :D I can't wait to enjoy myself with the stuff that I wanted to do so damn much, since I'm sandwiched by both classes  and tests pfttt. Contengan Jalanan, Black Canyon and Manhattan again, ( where's my kek batik Jajan ? -.-' )  ikan bakar talapia or sotong masak merah near the Kuantan beach, visiting few places like Cangkat Jering, Penang, Johor Baharu or Langkawi perhaps ? Play games like there's no ending ( I'm about to finish to Modern Warfare 3 but I'll keep the last chapter, so I can feel the full-blast of war-field like with my home theater surrounding. Gosh, I'm waiting for that moment surely :O . Rage, Battlefield 3 and Bulletstorm and Need For Speed : The Run, I'll hunt you down, hahaha ) last but not least, spend some time with my beloved family. That's more lovely :)

P/s : and. . . . 12nd January 2012. Calculus paper will be the 'opening' ceremony  for the FINAL EXAM MONTH. I'm freaking out whenever the word 'final exam' cross my mind -,- But, insyaAllah, everything we'll be fine. . . Pray for me :) 


  1. untung la dah nak cuti..
    orang baru masuk sem baru.. -.-'

  2. got confuse. dah habes exam ke belum ? hahha :D

  3. @sarah : muehehehe, beso laa. UK laa katokan :P

    @RIAN : sini pelik sikit, cuti sem dalam semninggu jea, xpun dlm beberapa hari, just gap antara test dan final exam yang panjang tuu.. test tu mcm mid-sem exam jea~

  4. ahh cuti sgt menyeronokkan ok! enjoy ur holidays well! boleh makan2 sedap, boleh santai2 di tempat kegemaran n we can do anything we like;) best best!

  5. eh nama ak naik? =X hahha~ hampir takku perasan. wkwkwkw~ next year aa semi. after ak blek cuti pnjg >.< tggu ak hbs final :D

  6. @fifey : yeah ! definitely ! :D

    @jajan : okay, keep ur words :P

    @syai : kau dah hbis bace ke ? O.o

  7. peh, best need for speed.
    salah. salah. final start 11jan, paper math tech.

  8. what the heck ? adoi ! dua2 math dlm seminggu ? jenuh ar nk jwb nnt -.-'