Tuesday, December 27, 2011

# Malacca trip.

السلام عليكم 

I was looking forward to visit Malacca, spending some times with my friend since. . let me guess, last 4 years - all the way back for the national program - PROGRES. ( I bet nazz still remember it, rite ? ) Alhamdulillah, my dream came true :D So, we - Afiq Sazlan ( master plan ), Aizat Ghazali, Amir Shah and Thaufeeq - used up our Christmas hols there, eventhough our Malacca pals' Haziq and Syamil told us not to do so 'coz Malacca town will be packed by people, specially the Christian believers. To think about it right now, yeah. . I do lil regret as we missed the chance to take a ride with the Taming Sari machine, River-side strolling instead of river cruising by the boat  and to much time spent on the bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. But, its okay. As long as we stick together, that's enough ! We had sooooo much fun there ! except. . . Hang Tuah Well, that damn bored place ever, we all agreed that fact. Moreover, I'm sick of seeing our people as they are rather to believe the keramat things than to think awhile :

The water from the well won't heals any sickness, disease or whatsoever by the wills of Allah !

Sickness is just a common problem among us, along with other duniah thingy. But why the problems keep after us ? We keep on eye the way we eat, what we eat, exercise regularly, seek the doctor attention twice a year yet the fever can cause us to lay down for the whole night, or it could be up for the whole week ! Why ? Stop and stare, its better to solve the problem than to think of it, and reflect yourself. Next time, when the following questions rise up, be brave to hit it back by the following answers :
I asked for Strength.....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for Wisdom....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Problems to solve.

I asked for Prosperity....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me the Brain and Brawn to work.

I asked for Courage....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Danger to overcome.

I asked for Love....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Troubled people to help.

I asked for Favours....
And Allah Ta'ala gave me Opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted....
But I received everything I needed!

"So blessed be Allah, The Good, The Best to create"   
 (Al Qur'an - 23:14) 

Do trust Allah. Depend on HIS creator, you will perish.

Okay, I'm simply tired right now and the bed feel so soft in the same time -_- Why don't you enjoy the photos that I've uploaded, I will describe it lil bit. Meanwhile, you can scroll down my entry with the latest song by Beyonce - Countdown ( I love the song, her voice is so sexy anyway :P ) By the way, I finally discovered the power of white balance and set picture control setting of the camera.

Lebiu Nikon :)


 All the pictures are best view with the MAXIMUM brightness, or almost to brightest :D
Be amaze of the photos taken by an amateur :P 

# Day 1 :

Nilai, the biggest Mydin store in Malaysia, Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka Parade, Masjid Selat Melaka, Crystal Bay, Medan Ikan Bakar - Alai, Fatin Imani's house.

We had for breakfast with Aiman Abd Razak ( Paep ) at Bandar Enstek, Nilai.


Aizat Ghazali - He got 6 months left in Malaysia before further his study in Russia.

Our keep-talking co-pilot was remain silent at last. . for a few seconds -,-

My cute reaction after Amir Shah's call. 
 Candid photo - blame your poyo word on these term ;P 

Melaka Parade, a vast improvement since the last time I visited there.

Dataran Pahlawan, eh. .  wait. . . Hey Zack !

Orite, I wanna highlight this topic, recall back, an unknown family was willing to treat us at Medan Ikan Bakar, Alai. But, surprisingly, Afiq was aware about this event, ehem ehem. . Nevermind, as long as I can eat, eat, eat and eat. . I'll keep my mouth shut. Oh no, I did spill it ? O.o  Haziq's request, blame him :P

At Fatin Imani's house. 
Initially, everything is 100%. 
So does a bowl of mussels
  and 90% of it was eaten by Amir Shah alone
Dafuq, he won the TAK SEGAN MAKAN contest that night -.-'' 

Sampai ke rumah tuuuuu ==' 
I don't know what y'll are doing, but seek the halal way yea kawan !

# Day 2 :

MITC ( we went for bowling and snooker game and the very first time I saw a 52 bowling-lane at a place ! ), Masjid Duyung@Hang Tuah, Perigi Hang Tuah, Bandar Hilir ( We did visit several places there, mostly the well-known place. I would like to say thanks to Malacca : vivid, natural, landscape, portrait, daylight, cloud, shades, the best of it MONOCHROME ; won't come into my life without the various scenes you've got. ), Jonker Walk and River-side strolling and long exposure shot~

MITC - My first ever monochrome shot from my camera, and i'm melt with it. 

The Portuguese left us few stones and steels for display #trolololo


Don't get confuse.
He's not pedophilia, 
there's a white parrot on the right shoulder of the kid.
Pardon my bad angle.  

 My best candid picture so far, 
well, you know its damn hard to take a perfect candid photo, 
perfect enough when I don't need to edit it at all ! 
Weeehooo ! Click to enlarge :)

Amir Shah !  :D

Walking around like a boss.

Haziq Ashraf :D

Click to see more~  

We found a place where we can land our butt, 
damn soft the grass #relieved face 

Main guli ? 
Hahahaha, since when the buli became guli topek ?
and out of blue, you speak it loud 
- with full of CONFIDENCE - 
in front of the Fatin's parent too.
Don't worry, only we know the accident last 2 night :P 

 Kuziq, kujat !

Syamil Shah ! :D 

Afiq Sazlan - thanks for the Serena apek !

If Gerbang Malam,Ipoh is dominated by Malays, 
Jonker Walk, Melaka is Chinese's.

We were mesmerised by the colourful lamps #.# 

Long exposure shot, 30 seconds !

En. Yusri told us :
" Eye On Malacca tuuu macam tempat funfair jea "

My best monochrome picture so far ! 

I bet you have to click this picture as
it tells more at the maximum size.

Just before I sleep last night, I ransack Haziq's and Afiq's photos, copy and paste my pictures as I snapped their smiles and they did the same way too. Being a photographer is also derived into these term :

being able ( some ) to take awesome photos, other people faces without you in it if and only if, no tripod or no one else is trustable enough to take photos of you and your friend which mostly occur at public.


I was looking my candid pictures at first. But, I copied their photos and edit it lil bit - they've got the idea. Nice work friends !

Apek own this picture. Great sharpness he got.

These pictures are under Haziq's folder and its me in action !

Orite, the entry has come to the very end. I hope, Ipoh will be your next stop and I'm waiting for that moment friends ! Special thanks to Haziq for the hospitality and 3 days and 2 nights stay. Do send my regards to your parent and lauk Ikan Assam Pedas mak cik buat seeeeeeedaaapppp !!! 

P/s : 

Its not easy for me to change my desktop background. I always looking for the best picture at Google to colour my desktop... but ...it seems. . . all of you are fit enough to replace it. 

Thank you friends, danke Malacca :)


  1. hey zack!!(camne blh ada kat situ gak??)XD

    p/s: bestnye tgk b'cuti camnie..

  2. lawa gak gambo aku snap ni. hohoho.

    apek telah melalui percutian yang sangat bahagia :D

    aku x boleh lupa, 'pasni apek dah jadi org Melaka la gamaknya.' mwahahahahahahaha

  3. Nice lah dapat jalan2..
    The photos are awesome!!
    Ada member cakap ada satu tempat makan best kat Melaka, Umbai namanye..hehe:)

  4. glad to know you had fun :D btw semi~ comb your hair laaa~~ tak hensem laa wehhh >.<

  5. @intan : well, KMBian kann ? bercuti mmg best~~~~~

    @haziq : ai,angkut bakul sndri nmpk,haha.. yeah, plg bermakne apek laaa,hahaha

    @intan : pernah jugak dgr umbai tu.. tapi..dah org nk belanja kat Alai kan ? ikut jela :D

    @jajan : comb2...ais krem mana ?

  6. hahaha~ xD soon2. ko dtg time ak xde kt melake -.- haiss