Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Go Langkawi Hall Team, le finale is waiting us ! InsyaAllah !

1st time participating badminton competition here, in Notts.
Hewhewhew B)

P/s : Pray for my health as it's already on the 5th day of having a bad cough and fever. I can just lay down whenever I am near to the bed due to weak muscles. I'm getting tired, mentally and physically day by day. Hopefully it won't last long, insyaAllah. By looking at the bright side, my mom call me EVERY MORNING AND EVENING upon knowing my latest condition. Anak manja :P Pray for my calculus II test on Wednesday. Oh, and incoming matches too :)

Guten Nacth.
2.51 am
finish studing calculus
with Kotak and 'Harith teman - teman '.