Thursday, May 3, 2012

Portrait Shoot - Hidden Street of Lorong Panglima

D7000 + 18 - 105mm
D3100 + 50mm

Lorong Panglima,
30000, Ipoh,
Perak Darul Ridzuan,


My masterpiece :

Yed's artworks :

P/s : An online article quoted, 

" It is reported to have housed opium dens, 
mistresses for the rich tin tycoons in the heydays of Ipoh. 
It could have just been another bygone residence for the 
townsfolk of Ipoh – most of whom were petty traders or hawkers.

Do spend some of your time, walking along Lorong Panglima as it is, architecturally, reflecting the history of colonial era Chinese shop houses that used to base here, in Ipoh.  Neither vast development nor time do ruin the place as it is one of the precious heritage trail in history lane of Ipoh. Do spread the words, let's save our home !


  1. yg tgh minum air tu yg paling hot.

  2. ape minum sambil jalan -.-
    hilang macho~

  3. guys ! Lorong Panglima is the main highlight, not me ! -.-'''

    @Momoe : xde, check jela kat entry2 lepas~~

    @Yed : hot lah sangat~

    @Anon : klu xsilap, air redbull tu dah lama habis. saja posing depan kamera~

  4. woot2^^ mesti banyak lagi kan gambar kan??..hehe..

  5. ade tp kebanyakan gambar tak lawa dek xpakai pencahayaan. Lupa nak pakai flash, diffuser mmg xde laa time tu -___-