Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sayonara Ipoh, Bonjour Nottingham.


Biasalah kalau last minit, borang MARA isi kat kaunter pendaftaran jelah. Aku tak faham langsung borang 3 warna tuh.

I'm damn afraid of boring life there, so I'll bring ALL the stuff that make me as me at home, including that old-descend sony walkman to accompany my nights there, i couldn't sleep well without songs on air and my bantal busuk too - batal tue aku buat lapik kaki, bukan buat peluk, agak pelik disitu. And yeah, a packet of tea bags and 1kg of sugar is essential to bring, I can't imagine my cold nights without a cup of Tea O' on my desk. T.T

Nak tunjuk kat satu dunia, aku tak jumpa transcend. Instead, I found a cute  " accessory " given name hewllet package - HP for short - for my kitty. 5mb per second, okay lah tu. RM30.96, damn affordable ! I thought 4GB gonna be near to a hundred ringgit. I

P/s : I did laughed hard to pronounce " phongs " hahaha. Seems hard to accept that ' study ' resurfaced in my life, and my journey has begun. May Allah with me.