Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Fyi, internet free yang digunakan oleh penduduk on-campus Nottingham datangnya dari server Perlis. Kangar, Perlis to be exact. Kalau internet berbayar ( SNS ), barulah menggunakan server Malaysia ( bukan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia tapi memang Malaysia. Join server TCR kowt ).

Jadi. . .  ehem, sapolah yang google nama eden ni eh ? B-)

P/ s : I typed ' tango guitar ' on Youtube, but over several videos that I watched ( heard actually ) , there are few good instrumental musics which caught my attention. It's not really a kind of  ' tango ' guitar cover, but those are the recommended videos that related to tango keywords. Let the pleasant music fill the air :)

This one is a collection of Spanish instrumental music. Viva La Espana ! ( :


  1. LOL, untunglaaa org hottsettaapp.

  2. siapa hottsettaapp tu ? O.o

  3. si hottsetap yg nama diaa kena google.