Sunday, December 11, 2011


السلام عليكم

Copy from Alyia Farzana ( My new blogmate I guess :D )

- My full name ?

Mr.D-SIM ( that's all )

B - My Height ?

165 < x < 170cm. You choose :P

C - If I have any siblings ?

 An elder brother and a sister
D - My most embarrassing moment ?

Pass :P

E - My shoe size ?


F - Do I have any pets ?

Cats, 7 of them !

G - Age I get mistaken for ?

Find a perfect age which combine a fresh graduate student and matured man which suits the white-collar job. I'm serious ! 

H - Do I have tattoos ?

A lovebite instead, on my left-arm by the doctor on my 6th grade -.-'

I -  Do I want any tattoos ?

NO !
J - My best's friend name ?

None. I be friends to anyone I know. 

K - Someone I miss ?

Kedah, he thought me a lot about life.
L - Something not many people know about me ?

I rather to spend money for food than others ! %)

M - A random fact about me ?

Food is everything ! :O

N - Favourite animals ?

Fury animals, cat at most.

O - Favourite celeb ?

Pop-rock, Alternative, RnB, Hip Hop, Country - you name the artist. But, somehow, Alex Grant too :)  

P - Favourite movie/TV Show ?

October Sky :') 

Q - What kind of phone I have ?

Cheap model of Nokia ( Black&White kind ) and Motorola. A gadget maniac-info but I'm not interested to invest my money to non-real estate.
R - Do I like my phone ?

It's one of the precious thing in my life. . . when I still have the account balance :P

S - Is my hair curly, straight or wavy ?

Wavy. I'm cool B)

T - Colour of my hair ?

Black for sure. I'm Asian, haha

U - Have I dyed my hair before ?

No. Never think about it btw.

V - Do I want to dye my hair and what colour ?


W - My tumlbr crush ?

The question is getting ridiculous  ==' 

X - Favourite soda ?

Not my fist. I prefer a hot tea instead.

Y - Favourite letter in alphabet ?

Q represents me :)

Z - Do I want children ?

By having children, that's the biggest responsible of all man...someday...on my honour.  

P/s : It's all about me, so what's yours ? :) 


  1. fullname: d-sim bin Mohd Nor Hamizi tak ke pelik? -.-

  2. byk nye kucing ko semi @@ haha~ interesting facts bout you :D

  3. @anon : kat blog nie biar pakai nama D-SIM B)

    @jajan : sikit jea den raso,haha

  4. Pehh, boleh sepp la dengan aku. Banyak kucing kat rumah xD

  5. sikit -.-" aku satu pun takde. lagi banyak kann? hahah~aku cube tok syg kucing -.-" tp end up ak takut nan kucing